Most studies regarding students receiving special education services focus on students who are able to receive these services within their local public school district. Information about special education students who receive their educational services in the private sector remains scarce, even though the students educated in these settings, about 1% of all special education students nationwide, are often the most disabled of all special education students. In order to learn more about this segment of the special education population, NAPSEC, an association of over 250 approved private special education programs, has conducted a study of the students who exited from its member programs. Information about the educational settings to which transfer students planned to move as well as the plans made by the graduates/aged-out students who left a NAPSEC program has been gathered. NAPSEC has studied the exit plans of these students and the findings are posted here for your review.


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NAPSEC Report #15 2015-2016

NAPSEC Exit Study 2015-16
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NAPSEC Exec Summary 2015-16

NAPSEC Report #14 2014-2015

NAPSEC Outcomes Summary 2014-2015

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NAPSEC Report #13 2013-14 4-3-15

NAPSEC Exit Study 2013-2014 Poster Handout

NAPSEC Exec Summary 2013-14 Handout

Plans for Exiting Students 2012-2013

NAPSEC Summary 2012-2013

Plans for Exiting Students 2011-2012

NAPSEC Summary 2011-2012

NAPSEC Parent Survey 2011

Plans for Exiting Students 2010-2011

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Plans for Exiting Students 2009-2010

NAPSEC Summary 2009-2010

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Outcomes for Students from Class of 2000: Year 5 Follow-Up

Plans for Exiting Students 2002-2003

Outcomes for Students from Class of 2000: Year 3 Follow-Up

Plans for Exiting Students 2001-2002

Plans for Exiting Students 2000-2001

Plans for Exiting Students 1999-2000

Outcomes for Students from Class of 2000