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The NAPSEC Foundation was established in 1974 to fund special projects that support and educate the public about the critical issues facing individuals with disabilities and their families.  The NAPSEC Foundation is a 501(c)(3) organization that:


Provides funding for educational, research and charitable activities, and special projects for NAPSEC and/or other related and similar associations and organizations.


Provides educational, scientific & research materials to NAPSEC members, parents of children with disabilities, and the general public regarding matters relating to special education. 



NAPSEC Foundation Projects


Free Referral Service

The NAPSEC Free Referral Service assists parents and professionals seeking an appropriate private specialized placement for their child or client.  NAPSEC provides an information packet with each referral on parents rights, tips on selecting a private program, advocacy resources, and much more.



From 2000-2005 NAPSEC members participated in the Outcomes Research Study.  The exit plans of students attending approved, out-of-district special education programs in the private sector are studied, via a survey instrument.  Given renewed concerns about accountability in special education and the paucity of data (Chambers, Parrish, & Harr, 2002; U.S. Department of Education, 2002), the NAPSEC Outcomes Survey focuses on a segment of students in out-of-district placements and those attending separate approved special education programs in the private sector. 


The purpose of the investigation is to identify the educational and post-school plans made by students as they leave these programs.  In particular, to determine (a) how many students plan to enter educational programs within their local districts after leaving the separate private school, (b) the specific settings to which students plan to return, and (c) how many students plan to engage in mainstream and other productive adult roles after leaving school.