NAPSEC is a nonprofit association that represents over 225 private special education programs across the nation. NAPSEC members are private early intervention programs, schools, residential therapeutic centers, postsecondary education services and adult living programs. NAPSEC also represents seven state associations, which we refer to as CASA members (Council of Affiliated State Associations), who represent another 400 programs. In addition to reaching private special education programs with your advertisements, our website also has a site for parents.

If you have products and services you would like to share with special education providers and parents we have many marketing opportunities for you to take advantage of!

  1. Mailing List
  2. Affiliate Membership
  3. Resource Guide Listing
  4. NAPSEC Annual Leadership Conference - Sponsor, Advertise & Exhibit


Mailing List

The mailing list has 1,451 private special education program addresses listed in the following format:

Ms. Jodie Lee
Valley Oaks School
441 W. Linwood Avenue
Turlock, CA 95380-6221

The list is in excel format and can be emailed or copied to a CD. The emailed cost is $350.  You can pay for the list with a check, Visa, MasterCard or American Express cards.

The listing is updated on a regular basis. If you have any comments or issues with the list, please contact us at


NAPSEC Resource Guide List

The Resource Guide List was created to give parents a listing of organizations that provide beneficial products and services for special needs populations.  Each listing includes all of the organizations contact information with a direct link to the organization's web site and an email address for contact information. This option is offered for a one year period. NAPSEC will invoice organizations at the end of their one year subscription. The additional lines may be used to describe your services or simply to provide a message for parents. The NAPSEC Resource Guide has a direct link from NAPSEC's Main Page.

Listings will be posted for one year.
Basic Listing of Organization - $250
Additional 5-Line Listing - $300
Additional 9-Line listing - $350

To see the types of listings of current postings click here - Recourse Guide.

This option is for individuals or or organizations that have services that would benefit parents of special needs children.


NAPSEC Annual Leadership Conference
Sponsor, Advertise & Exhibit
Each year NAPSEC Members meet in January - the week of Martin Luther King's birthday - for its annual leadership conference. This is a wonderful opportunity to get your products recognized by private special education leaders. This conference is for executive directors - the decision makers - of private specialized education programs. A list of sponsors and exhibitors will be included on the conference site. Sponsors and exhibitors are listed on the conference website, once payment is received. Exhibitors are also on the Conference APP, which is available to the membership for a year and there is a direct link from the NAPSEC main page to the Conference APP.  Advertising is available in the conference program. If you are interested in learning more about these opportunities, please email NAPSEC at and we will ensure that information on these options is sent to you when it is available in the fall of each year.

This option is to advertise products or services that would be beneficial to NAPSEC members programs.


Please email if you have any questions regarding our marketing opportunities.  Thank you.