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The undersigned hereby: Apply for membership.

Grant permission to public licensing agencies or any other relevant examining or reviewing agency or group to release official records and information concerning the named applicant to NAPSEC for its use, specifically with regard to consideration of this Membership Application.


Affirm that that agency is in compliance with all applicable local, state and federal laws and regulations required for private special education programs.


Agree that the named applicant, in order to maintain membership in NAPSEC, does publicly adhere to and practice the Code of Ethics of the Association. This document requires your signature. The document will be mailed with your membership materials once payment is received.






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Dues levels are based on your program's budget.

All first year members pay half price dues.


 Programs that have been members (non-renewals) within a three year time frame are not eligible for half price dues.


$600/$300.00             $0 - 750,000

$1,249/$624.50          $750,001 - $1,250,000

$1,722/$861.00          $1,250,001 - $3,000,000  

$2,217/$1108.50        $3,000,001 - $4,800,000

$2,701/$1,350.50       $4,800,001 and above


Voluntary dues are for members who wish to make an additional contribution to the association.


Sustaining/$2,801 Contributing/$3,135

Friend/3,592         Gold/$4,700       Platinum/$6,525



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