The Council of Affiliated State Associations (CASA) is an affiliate of NAPSEC. CASA members are state associations that represent private special education programs. They advocate for individuals with disabilities while working to shape state public policy and represent private special education program members at the state level.

NAPSEC's CASA members are committed to supporting improved advocacy and public policy development and provide critical insight to NAPSEC regarding how federal policy issues impact their membership. CASA provides a unique forum in which state associations can collaborate and remain engaged at the federal level. CASA holds a voting position on the NAPSEC Board of Directors.

2021-2022 CASA Annual Membership Dues
*dues are based on association budget 

$0.00 - $50,000          $518.00
$50,001-$100,000     $1,168.00
$100,001-$200,000    $1,950.00
$200,001-$300,000    $2,807.00
$300,001-$400,000     $3,505.00
$400,001 and above   $4,277.00